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a story about socks [Apr. 27th, 2009|10:50 pm]
Time-Bomb Fiction



vegandragon's response to the socks instant challenge.

Do you ever have that feeling that there's an ant crawling on your skin, but when you look, there's nothing there? Sometimes I feel that way in my head. Like if I don't brush away these ideas they'll crawl up and bite me. Sort of like today.

Today I was thinking about the way it feels when the weather warms up and you can finally go without socks. Every day goes by and you think, okay, I'm getting dressed, I'll put on those socks. No problems, just happy comfy toes in socks. Then the sun comes out, the weather warms up and the idea of wearing socks, even those wonderful ones that normally feel so good - the idea just gives me the heeby jeebys.

My toes are like my little friends, they keep me company on cold wet nights in the group tent. But now that the farm folk are starting to sow the seeds and the sun is creeping in at the edges earlier and earlier, my toes are starting to get all wriggly and restless! My little friends are bothering me while I'm at work, itching at me while I walk to and from the factory, and are just begging to be free every minute. They don't want to be wrapped in wool, sweaty and covered up in shoes two sizes two big. They want to be floating through the air and cool, or dirty in mud and standing on rocks in sandy pools. They want to be baking in the sun while I wait for my fish dinner to cook up on the nearby campfire.

Now stop that - there I was completely dreaming. I haven't cooked up a fish down at Paulin's Kill in three summers, or was it four? I've been working since I was five and now I'm nine or ten so I think that's three summers. Maybe today I'll try taking my shoes off at work. Nobody would know - I'm on a long row and the managers only check on us once a day. I could do it, maybe. Today, because it's a nice day.

[User Picture]From: jesus_jeff
2009-04-28 07:50 am (UTC)
First time I read this I thought it was a cute story of an adult reminiscing about running around outside. Then I read it more carefully. A bit more troubling that time, when I caught all the words. I like the anthromorphizing of the toes, having their own feelings and all.
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